Best Places to Rest in Bluffton, SC

Best Places to Rest in Bluffton, SC

Visiting Bluffton, SC can be a life-changing experience. Let me tell you about it. This low country town in Beaufort County on Route 278 is near Hilton Head Island, or resort fame. But Bluffton can be a destination all its own. People rave about the one square mile Old Town on a bluff along the May River. Talk about picturesque!

Despite the reputation of Hilton Head, Bluffton is the ideal tourist destination where you take the much-deserved break from your routine and have some memorable moments. From the pristine seas to the perfectly constructed hotels, it is one place that offers the best of everything–the kind of place that you fall in love with instantly. If you are looking for the perfect tourist destination Bluffton is the ideal place for you.

I have a blog now to convince you. There are many places to stop, get off your feet, and manage your personal needs. I mention that because travelers tell me that public services are a priority. They want to know about the toilet facilities in hotel, restaurants and landmark sites before they set off. Families with kids and other folk make it a definite priority. All in all, it is a great place for a vacation, wedding or honeymoon.

Now that I have your attention with this oddball subject, there is a lot more about the Bluffton that meets the eye. It is full of activities, fine dining and shopping. It is not just a cute, quiet little town. It is a glorious place for outdoors people who like to fish, explore the river by kayak or walk leisurely among the moss-laden oak lined streets. The kids can paddleboard while mom explores the quaint stores.

Among the other draws are the Farmers Market featuring locally-grown fruits, vegetables, flowers and herbs. It is a weekly community event you won’t want to miss. You can eye the fine produce or enjoy the local cuisine. There is always some form of entertainment and residents flock to the event to relax with friends.

Bluffton has historic areas along Calhoun and Lawrence Streets and through Carson Cottages. But come shark season when the waters are warmer (June), people venture off to charter a boat. It is a major local sport. I don’t want to reveal everything at once, so take today’s blog as a brief introduction to tempt you back or come visit. You might see what I see and think about settling in.