Bluffton is Back

Bluffton is Back

Slowly but surely, the world starts to go back to normal. Bluffton is no different. Your ideal tourist destination for the well-deserved break is also taking some necessary measures for precaution. People in Bluffton are optimistic about the future and know that they have to adapt to the new reality. Therefore, all protocols are set in place and Bluffton is opening for business.


As a tourist destination, new places and businesses open almost every year. When you come to our lovely town, you will notice construction sights almost everywhere. The new buildings are in harmony with the old town so you will enjoy the mixture of old and new. People are also interested in buying properties in this charming environment. And that’s not a surprise considering that Bluffton is adding parks all over the area.


One of those new parks is the Wright Family Park, which is located across the street from the Church of the Cross in Old Town Bluffton. This new park will be adapted according to the residents’ needs, and it will have parking spaces, a wide range of boardwalks, open space for the public, as well as access to the famous May River. The May River is one of the symbols of our town and the wonders that this river provides are mesmerizing.


Considering that Bluffton is a place for the whole family, many hotels have changed their policies and are now accepting pets. People in Bluffton understand the love for our furry friends, which is why they have implemented measures for people with allergies. Besides adopting their facilities for the needs of the pets, some hotels have installed air purification devices for allergies and odors, in this way ensuring that everybody has a pleasant stay. You can read more at


For more information about these accommodation options, please contact the Official Info Tourist Site of Bluffton, since they can provide you with all the necessary information to ease your stay. Enjoy our beautiful town and I hope you have the best time of your life.